Thomas Geisel

"Das Jugendzentrum PULS bietet dank attraktiver Angebote und eines engagierten Teams eine bewährte und feste Anlaufstelle für lesbische und schwule Jugendliche in Düsseldorf. Die Einrichtung wird ausgesprochen gut angenommen und ist eben nicht nur Rückzugsraum, sondern auch Ausgangspunkt für zahlreiche gemeinsame Aktivitäten in Düsseldorf und der Region.

Ich halte es für wichtig, dass wir in Düsseldorf das Jugendzentrum PULS haben und als Stadt dessen beeindruckende Arbeit fördern. Das nützt den Jugendlichen und spricht für die tolerante Atmosphäre in Düsseldorf.“

Thomas Geisel

This is who we are


PULS is a youth centre for young lesbians, gays, bi- and trans*sexuals and their friends in Düsseldorf.


It's great that you found your way to our website and maybe you will soon find your way to our location in Düsseldorf as well!

We are a group of teenagers and young adults that is pretty large and also diverse! We are lesbian, gay or bi, male, female, still quite young or already a bit older, outed or still in the closet, going to school or university, in job training, volunteering, working … and in any way we have loads of fun together! We enjoy the time we spend at PULS, plan fancy activities, hang out together, play football, chat, ...

We created a space where there are no inappropriate comments, uncomfortable questions or rude insults. PULS is a safe space, free from discrimination and stress. At our youth centre, we want to be able to have interesting encounters, we will always lend an ear for questions and concerns, we want to have a lot of fun and do great activities together.

Furthermore, we want to be visible in out city, we want to wave our flag, to show that we're there, we want to work collectively against discrimination and we want to reach as many people as possible.

This is possible with the help of a lot of dedicated people and groups in Düsseldorf. Politics, the youth welfare office, the council for crime prevention, the "Jugendring", the AIDS support organisation Düsseldorf (AIDS-Hilfe Düsseldorf e.V.) and our support organisation "Schwul-lesbische Jugendarbeit Düsseldorf e.V." (gay and lesbian youth work Düsseldorf), … they all help and support us.

 Feel free to discover our website, give us a shout or just visit us in Düsseldorf!

We are looking forward to getting to know you!

… and this is what it looks like here!

Das PULS Jugendzentrum von außen mit zwei Mitarbeitern davor
Das PULS Jugendzentrum von innen - Kicker und Theke
Das PULS Jugendzentrum von innen - Kicker
Das PULS Jugendzentrum von innen - Beratungsraum